VigrX Plus Review of Jamie !

Jamie consumed VigrX Plus for a period of 6 months, we’re glad to have his exclusive testimonial.

What product did you order ? : “It’s called Vigrx plus”

What did you buy it for ? : “heard about male enhancements and wanted to try one”

Where did you learn about it ? : “While browsing some porn videos ahaha ! 😀 ”

Was it to solve a problem ? : “nah just curious really…”

How much did you buy ? : “6 months”

Couldn’t you start with just 1 month ? : “i could yeah, but it was largely cheaper for 6 months and more! So i’d rather pay more at the start but win money on the long run.”

Was it expensive ? : “can’t compare it to something else so i don’t know, but i am working on week-ends as a waiter, so i could manage it”

Where did you buy it ? internet ? local store ? :On the official website, i followed a link…”

If you had to rate VigrX Plus on a scale of 5 ? : “3.5 seems fair enough”



Student (and waiter)

19 years. (United States)

jamie consumed vigrx plus pills for 6 months

Ok Jamie, time to tell us about VigrX Plus

please share your experience, maybe it will help others !

“Yeah… should i start from the beginning, or right to the 6th month ?”

To begin please tell us if you experienced any benefits during the first month ?

Not really… i mean i did take the pills every day like mentioned on the box, 2 exactly and during breakfast. I did experience some bigger erections yes, but not the picture i had seen on the porn website. You know it was a picture with an enormous dick lol ! And so i was thinking i could maybe increase the size of it, not that i don’t like the size of my cock… but a little more can’t hurt ! Besides i work as a waiter, and there are many occasions to seduce hot girls ! So by buying VigrX Plus i was sure i would use it very fast, and so i was expecting fast results ! But badfully i had to wait for the 2nd month to really see a difference.

Ok so you took vigrx plus pills every day during 1 month, and then the 2 month you got results ?

Yes exactly ! i took notes in fact… and though i experienced big erections during the first month, i really got a massive erection at the beginning of the 2nd month ! I don’t know why… i was with the same girl, she wasn’t more exciting this day… i mean no makeup or things like that, it was just me ! my dick really increased a little in length and width and i was really surprised ! My girl was laughing because she saw i was “different” as i was looking strangely at my own cock lol ! But anyway we had sex this night, and it was fucking great ! I was hard ! really hard ! i don’t recall having been so hard in a long time in fact ! And the girl i had at that time enjoyed it A LOT !

So the results were positive but you had to wait for more than 1 month ? correct ?

Correct… but the best results arrived passed the 4 month ! I quickly pass on the 2nd and 3rd months because it was the same, i got massive erections every time i had sex with my girl. But on the 4th month my cock slowly began to increase even more in length and width, the volume was really bigger ! Even without taking a ruler i could see it was bigger, it was not “placebo” it was real ! Still… it was far from the huge cock on the advertising, but i guess the picture i saw was a fake lol. Still i was happy to see the results i was expecting since 3 months !

And then you continued until you reached 6 months, how was it ?

At 6 months i had a MASSIVE erection every morning ! well i have read somewhere, that it means a man is in a good health if he has an erection before breakfast lol, so with the erection i had i must have been in a VERY GOOD HEALTH ! No kidding my cock was 4 more centimeters long, and 1.5 more centimeter large. When i had an erection i could see my veins largely more than before, it was like working a muscle at the gym ! With all the veins you can see when you’re working out, well the same thing was happening to my cock !

Ok in the end, would you say that VigrX Plus was positive or negative for you ?

It was highly positive if i judge the final result ! I mean i didn’t get the fake enormous cock they were advertising, but i got something ! And the girls i had loved this “thing” ! I enjoyed sex more than ever using VigrX Plus, my orgasms were louder and even if i had not the syndrom of “premature ejaculation”, i was able to hold longer before cumming ! So i can say that it was a positive experience, and that it works !

But… it was negative in the way that i had to wait for 4 months to notice real Big results ! I mean 4 months is long, and for many people they won’t have the patience to wait i think. Personally i could wait… because i already had girls in my life, and they were loving me before this product. I didn’t buy it to save my couple, i was simply curious about the results it could bring. I mean if you’re thinking to buy VigrX Plus to save your couple, and that you have to act quickly in order not to lose a girl… don’t buy it ! You need to be very patient, but then the results will be worth it!

Thanks Jamie ! Final question… would you recommend VigrX Plus ?

Yeah sure… you know after i’ve finished my 6th box, i went for the full year package ! Because i knew it was working good and as the 12 months are even cheaper than the 6, i bought the cheapest of course. But then… if you’re new to this product, i would advise to buy only 3 months to start… just to test ! Yes it’s more expensive but at least you’ll know if it’ll work for ya. Now if like me you have enough money to buy 6 or 12 months right from the start, do it it’s less expensive. But i only recommend this to people who will have the patience to wait for some months before seeing results, Otherwise they will feel deceived even if the product works.

Jamie, thank you for your testimonial at Health for Cheap

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